How to Start Making Money at 13

The average 21st-century kid wants to feel what it means to be financially independent. For this reason, showing kids how to make money is not out of place.

Teens need to start making money to have a little fun, buy the things they love, and save time.

However, the challenge is that, in today’s world, most teenagers are willing to do anything to make money, which brings us to the question of the kind of job that is perfect for teens.

Whether you are a teen looking for a job or a parent reading this article, keep reading. We have prepared this article to show you some legitimate ways to make money at 13.

Can A 13 Year Old Work?

Of course, they can! But there are some bottlenecks. 

For some reason, such as Federal government regulations prohibiting work for children under the age of 16, securing a job at 13 is challenging.

While 14 and 15-year-olds can take up a few conventional jobs, with constraints to their work hours, children younger than 14 years have very few options for the number of hours they can work outside their home.

Kids below 14 years can legally work in these jobs:

  • Family Business: If you run a family business that isn’t strenuous and in an 

unsafe environment, it is okay to hire a 13 old to take up minor roles.

  • Newspaper delivery: is a good option for children between 13 and up. 

They can work as newspaper delivery clerks for newspaper companies.

Additionally, young teens are prohibited from taking night shifts or working late. 

While they can work 8 – 30 hours a week when school is not in session, they are only allowed to work 3 – 8 hours during school hours.  

Here’s a List of Money-Making Ideas For 13-Year-Olds

1. Walking dogs

Young teens can earn money walking pets in a neighborhood where everyone gets busy with work leaving their pets behind.

Walking dogs can help a teenager earn at least $5 a day. Although, it depends on how many dogs one walks. If you walk up to 5 dogs daily, you’re looking to make up to $15-$20.

2. Babysitting

Babysitting jobs are one of the most recommended for young teens. Although most teens may not b able, it is a job most children within that age range would love to do.

Moreso, your 13-year-old teen who wants to keep busy, can work as a mom assistant.

3. Car Washing

This is one of the handiest offline jobs to do in the neighborhood. Most adults are usually tired when they return from work and cannot wash their cars. 

With the above outlined offline methods of making money as a 13-year-old teenager, you can start saving up for that special thing you want to get for yourself or probably Christmas.

As making money offline as a teenager is not limited to the above-explained methods, other ways of making money offline as a teenager include,

  • Tutoring 
  • Going on Errands
  • Working as a part-time sales representative in a local mart
  • Mowing lawns
  • Home cleaning services 
  • Creating a lemonade and, or cookie stand
  • Selling items you no longer use

Online Jobs For 13-Year-Olds

Making money online is somewhat of a modern way of earning quick bucks. There are lots of jobs online that are suitable for young teens:

1. Play and Earn

This is one of the many ways 13-year-old teenagers make money online. This means playing games to earn money. 

One thing teenagers do every day is play games. Most teenagers play these games for fun. Games become more fun when one can earn money from spending time gaming. With this method, one is entertained, and one is paid. What a time to be alive right?

 Although money-making using this method is usually not fast, one can utilize this and make just enough money to save and get by as a young teen.

There are so many platforms that offer this service, some of which are,

  • Lucktsatic
  • Mistplay
  • Swagbucks

Kids can make a minimum of $2-$5 a day while playing these games online, depending on how much time they can commit to it.

2. Taking Online surveys

Taking surveys online is another safe option for a 13-year-old. It is an excellent option for intelligent kids. All the child needs to do is provide answers to a few questions. 

This type of job will also help improve their mental reasoning as well as their cognitive skills.

Many platforms offer surveys for 13-year-old teenagers to take and, in turn, earn money. They include:

  • Eureka Surveys
  • Survey Junkie
3. Listen to Music and Earn

Like the Play and Earn method, young teens can listen to music and earn. This is a fun job, just like playing games. 

Teenagers enjoy music and become acquainted with different music genres, making them versatile and knowledgeable while earning from it.

This online money-making option for a 13-year-old can fetch at least $2-$5 daily.

Making money online is not limited to those mentioned above; these are just some ideas of how a 13-year-old can make money online.

Although making money online seems more straightforward, it is cost-intensive and is seen as an investment as resources are used. 

4. Junior Camp Counselor

There are young teens with the natural ability to counsel their fellows. If your 13-year-old has this potential, you can sign them up for camp counselors.

This job will enable them to build themselves for a great career in counseling and related discipline.

Summer Job For Kids

  • Pool Maintenance
  • Little league umpire
  • Golf caddy
  • House Sitter
  • Yard sale set-up
  • Summer Tutor

How To Find Jobs For Teens

Finding a good job for your 13-year-old can be tricky, considering the numerous restrictions on kids below the age of 16. However, here are some easy ways to help your 13-year-old secure a job:

  • Enquire From Family and Friends: Asking your family and friends is great. 

To help your teen make money at 13. Ask your loved ones if they know of any vacancies or if they have any minor work that your teen can earn some bucks from.

  • Check Newspaper and Job boards: Since a newspaper delivery job is an excellent 

option for kids, you may want to check newspapers for some job openings.

  • Advertise their service: If your teenager is super talented and endowed with skills 

that can earn him some cash, and it would be best to advertise their services. 

Create simple flyers and post them on social media or in local stores letting the public know your teen is open for business.

Books On Financial Literacy For Teens

The best way to introduce teens to financial freedom is, to begin with, financial literacy—books on financial literacy contribute to opening their minds and creating the right mentality toward money. 

Financial literacy is often taught in most schools. Only a few do little to teach teenagers the subject.

For teens who want to know how to start making money early in life – or parents eager to see their kids make money at a young age, we recommend the following books on financial literacy for teens:

  • How To Money: Your Ultimate Visual Guide to Basics of Finance

This is a fantastic book that covers all areas, such as budgeting, investing, credit, and taxes, with a tone that is not difficult for teens to comprehend.

The book is designed for readers between the ages of 12 and 18. It could also be a helpful reference whenever you need clarification on a finance-related topic.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad For Teens

Rich Dad Poor Dad contains commonsense guides that any teenager can follow to gain financial empowerment. The book aims to help teens make crucial financial decisions.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is authored by Robert T. Kiyosaki, a man with a track record of demystifying complex financial terms into more straightforward, understandable concepts.

  • Broke Millennial

This excellent literature talks about a beginner’s guide to investing, budgeting, and the regular topics on finance, with a significant emphasis on debt, including credit cards, school loans, and other financial burdens that hit teenagers.

There are numerous great jobs that can help a 13-year-old make money. However, the ideal job for a 13-year-old doesn’t have to be like that of a 20-year-old. It should rather be fun and geared towards helping them gain some work experience while making money at an early age:

Final Thoughts

We can list hundreds of online and offline jobs teens can take and earn cool cash. 

But the truth is, if these teens do not have the right mentality towards money and how to manage it effectively, they may get overwhelmed when they begin to amass a lot of money. 

That is why we recommend financial literacy as a foundation for kids seeking to make money at a young age. As much as making money at a young age is ideal, so is learning about debts, budgeting, financial management, and more.

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