How to connect Roku to Wi-Fi without a Remote?

A remote control is included with every Roku player. Roku remotes, unlike most other remotes you’ve ever used, connect to their players through WiFi. That means you won’t be able to watch your shows if you misplace your remote or it stops working. Fortunately, there is a solution. Here’s how to connect to a mobile hotspot and use your Roku smartphone without a remote control.

Download the Roku app on your smartphone or tablet to use your Roku player without a remote. Connect the app-enabled computer to the same WiFi network as your Roku. Then, in the app, go to Devices and tap the remote button. For these steps to function, your Roku system must be linked to the same WiFi network as your smartphone. Skip to the next section to learn how to link the app to your Roku player using a mobile hotspot if your Roku client was previously connected to a Wi-Fi network that you can no longer connect your smartphone to.

There is a way to link your Roku computer to a new Wi-Fi network without using the remote, but it takes a few steps and two mobile devices. When your phone and Roku computer are connected to the same network, the Roku mobile app can be used as a replacement remote. Your phone’s Mobile Hotspot will function as a replacement for the network saved on your Roku, allowing you to link the device to a new network, but you’ll need another mobile device to serve as your remote.

Except for the top-of-the-line Roku Ultra, newer Roku models rely solely on Wi-Fi to link to a network. If you have your remote with you when you use the computer on a different network, everything is perfect (like a hotel). However, connecting to a new network without a remote can be difficult.

As Reddit user mclassy3 points out, you can set up a mobile hotspot on your phone to establish a Wi-Fi access point for your Roku if you know the WiFi network name (SSID) and password saved on the computer. To link and navigate with the Roku app, you’ll need two mobile devices. One will serve as a mobile hotspot, while the other will serve as a remote. Before you begin, make sure you have the free Roku mobile app installed on the phone or tablet you plan to use as the remote. The software works on both Android and iOS platforms.

How to connect Roku TCL TV to Wi-Fi without remote

  • The steps outlined here will assist you in connecting your TCL Roku TV to the Internet. Make sure you have all of the requisite equipment.
  • The first thing you can do is click the Home button on your remote.
  • After scrolling down, select the Settings option.
  • You must choose the Network option, followed by the Wireless option, using the Right-Arrow button.
  • The process of looking for available networks will begin.
  • Scroll down the screen until you see a list of networks and pick your wireless network.
  • Tap the Connect option after entering the correct security key.
  • The Internet is now accessible via your TCL Roku TV.

Hot to connect Roku Streaming Stick to Wi Fi without remote

How do I link my Roku to my WiFi without using the remote? You may also use a mobile hotspot to attach Roku Stick to Wi-Fi.

  • Make sure you have two phones on hand, one of which should have the Roku app enabled.
  • To access the mobile Settings pad, tap the grid-shaped icon on your handset.
  • Select Mobile Hotspot from the drop-down menu.
  • Roku Stick – Without a remote, link your Roku to the internet. Pick the Set up Mobile Hotspot option to bring up the Hotspot menu. (Depending on the Android device you’re using, this move can differ.)
  • On the Mobile Data Use Status pad, tap OK.
  • Enter the SSID, security key, and any other Wi-Fi network details that your Roku system has saved.
  • To trigger Mobile Hotspot, make sure you save the settings and tap OK.
  • Link your second phone to the mobile hotspot at this stage.
  • On a different phone, open the Roku app and scroll to the bottom screen to tap the Remote button.
  • Open the Network Settings window on your Roku computer after turning it on.
  • Change the network settings to fit the new Wi-Fi network you’re connecting to.
  • Switch off your phone’s Mobile Hotspot and link it to the same network as your Roku.

How to connect Roku 2 to Wi-Fi without Remote

Roku can be connected to the internet without the use of a remote. There are a lot of measures and two smartphones involved. As an alternative to the remote, you can use the Roku app. You may use the mobile phone as a remote control by linking both devices to the same network. To link Roku to Wi-Fi without a remote, follow the steps below.

  • Click the Applications and Settings button on your smartphone.
  • Select Network as your connection method. Menu names can vary depending on the operating system.
  • The Hotspot menu will open after you tap Set Up Mobile Hotspot.
  • Create a memorable Network name and protect it with a strong password.
  • Save the newly formed hotspot and double-check your settings. Click the OK button.
  • Launch the Roku app on your phone and choose the Remote icon from the menu.
  • After that, attach the other smart device to the mobile hotspot and open the Roku app.
  • Change the configuration of the new network to which you want to link Roku in Settings.
  • Link the mobile hotspot to the same network that Roku is linked to.
  • As with the hardware remote, you can now use the mobile app instead of the remote.

How to connect Roku 3 to Wi-Fi without Remote

To begin, connect the Roku 3 to your mobile hotspot. You can now use your smartphone as a Roku 3 remote control. The following are the steps to link Roku to Wi-Fi without a remote.

  • On your mobile computer, go to the Settings window and choose Mobile Hotspot.
  • Tap the Set up Mobile Hotspot choice to bring up the Hotspot pop-up display.
  • A window will pop up with information about your mobile data use.
  • Touch the OK button to proceed.
  • Add the information about your Wi-Fi network from your Roku 3 computer.
  • Enter your network’s SSID, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and type the key.
  • Save the mobile hotspot you just built and then trigger it by pressing the OK button.
  • Install the Roku app on your mobile device to link Roku to Wi Fi without a remote.
  • The Remote icon will appear at the bottom of the screen; tap it.
  • The layout of the remote will be identical to that of your Roku hardware remote.
  • Use the available icons/buttons in the same way that you would on a regular remote.

How to connect Roku device to Wireless

You must connect the Roku system to the Internet before you can use it to stream content. A wireless or Ethernet network may be used to link the Roku system to the Internet. Make a note of the name of your network as well as the security password. The steps for connecting your Roku computer to a wireless network are outlined below.

  • For the first time, link Roku to the network: Pick the Wireless choice on the screen that asks you to choose a communication mode.
  • Your Roku system can automatically detect nearby wireless networks.
  • Choose your SSID from the list of available networks that appears on the screen.
  • If the name of your network isn’t mentioned, choose Scan to see all available Wi-Fi networks.
  • You must type the WEP or WPA key after your Roku computer confirms that it can connect to the network.
  • Connect by pressing the Connect button.
  • All available updates will appear on the screen until the system connects to the network.
  • Carry out the process of updating and wait for it to finish.
  • After the initial setup, connect Roku to the wireless network: Tap the Home button to connect your Roku computer to a new wireless network.
  • Select Network from the Settings menu, then press the Select Set Up Connection button.
  • Touch Wireless and wait until the Roku system discovers your wireless network before continuing.
  • Wait for the system to bind to the network after entering the key.

How to solve a Wi-Fi connection issue on Roku Device?

When there is no proper link between your Roku system and your home network, Roku shows a Wi-Fi connection problem. Make sure the power cords are properly wired to the wall outlet. Follow the measures outlined below if you receive an error message.

  • Switch on your Roku player. The power cord should be plugged into a wall socket.
  • Check to see if your Roku client and computer are on the same network.
  • Each error code indicates a Roku problem. Read the error and fix the problems as required.
  • The error message is shown. Owing to network problems, you are unable to link to the wireless network.
  • Make certain you’ve selected the right wireless network name and entered the correct password.
  • Your router will now enable you to connect to the internet.
  • To improve the signal power, place your Roku system close to the router.
  • Go to the settings menu on your Roku computer to check the connection status.
  • Select –> Network –> Link Check. It will now check the status of the link and calculate the speed of the connection.
  • If the problem persists, you can reboot your Roku.
  • to relaunch Go to the settings menu, pick System, and then click Restart. Also, unplug and re-plug the power cable from the wall socket.
  • Allow a few minutes for the system to restart fully.
  • If the problem persists, please contact our technical support team for assistance.
  • If your Roku computer has an Ethernet port, you can use an Ethernet cable to link your router and the device.
  • If you’re having trouble connecting to your router, try restarting it. The steps outlined above provide a comprehensive solution for How to Connect Roku to Wi Fi Without a Remote.

How to use Roku to connect to mobile hotspot without remote

  • Install the Roku app on your computer. The software is available for Android devices on the Google Play Store and for iPhones and other Apple devices on the Apple App Store. There are a number of third-party applications available, so make sure you use the official Roku Inc. app.
  • Open the app and follow the directions on the computer. If this is your first time using the Roku app, you will be required to accept the terms and conditions as well as complete a brief tutorial.
  • Then choose Devices from the drop-down menu. This can be seen at the bottom of your page. If you’re using the app for the first time, you’ll need to tap OK to enable it to locate your Roku devices.
  • After that, choose your Roku unit.
  • Then press and hold the Remote icon. When you tap on your mobile, you’ll see this plus-shaped icon.
  • Finally, you can power your TV with the app’s remote. You can continue to power your Roku player with the app on your smartphone for as long as you want. Make sure your smartphone and Roku player are both linked to the same WiFi network, though.

These measures will help someone who has misplaced their Roku remote at home. This will not work if you are staying in a hotel or if you are unable to connect to the same Wi-Fi network that your Roku system was previously connected to.

The Roku app can only function if it is linked to a network with the same name and password as the last Wi Fi network your Roku player remembered. As a result, you might build a new Wi Fi network with the same name and password as the old one. If you are unable to create a new network, you can create a mobile hotspot and use it to link your Roku player to your smartphone’s app.

Use a device to set up a mobile hotspot with the same name and password as the Wi Fi network your Roku device was last connected to link the Roku player and the software to a new Wi Fi network. Then, on a different computer, download the Roku app and attach it to the hotspot.

These steps would require two devices: one that can be used to build a hotspot and another that has the Roku app installed. This is due to the fact that you cannot create a hotspot on your smartphone and then add your Roku app to it with the same computer. You’ll also need to know the name and password of the previous Wi Fi network to which your Roku system was attached.

  • Create a mobile hotspot on one of your devices. A Mac or Windows computer or laptop, a smartphone, tablet, or any other system with mobile hotspot capabilities may be used. Check out our step-by-step guide here to learn how to set up a hotspot on any computer.
  • Give your hotspot the same name and password as the last network you linked your Roku player to. These measures will not function unless your Roku system has already been linked to a Wi Fi network. If you used your Roku computer at a friend’s house the last time, you’ll need to build a hotspot with the same name and password as your friend’s Wi Fi network.
  • Then join the hotspot with your other mobile. This is the computer on which you can install the Roku app. If you’re using an iPhone, for example, you’d go to Settings > General > Wi-Fi. Then join the hotspot you just created. You will connect to this network in the same way you would any other Wi Fi network.
  • Then, on your other side, download and open the Roku app. This is not the computer for which you produced the hotspot. This is the computer you just used to attach to your newly created hotspot. If you had the Roku app open on your smartphone previously, make sure to close it and reopen it before continuing.
  • Then pick your Roku player from Devices. If you don’t see your computer identified, swipe down on your phone to refresh it.
  • After that, press the remote button. You should now be able to access your Roku system using the Roku app.
  • Then, on your Roku pc, use the app’s remote to go to Settings. This can be found by pressing the Home button on your remote when in the app. Then, in the left sidebar, use the up and down arrow keys to move around.
  • After that, choose Network.
  • Then choose Wireless from the Set up link menu.
  • On your remote, press OK. Your streaming system will look for wireless networks that are open.
  • Then choose a different network. If your network isn’t identified, select Scan again to see all available networks.
  • Finally, tap Connect after entering the Wi Fi password.

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