Countries with Small Businesses That Accept Bitcoin Payments

Small businesses have increasingly embraced Bitcoin across the world. Despite the existing barriers, including stringent regulations prohibiting the use or concerns regarding the lack of Bitcoin regulation, there has been growing confidence in this cryptocurrency. If you are interested in Bitcoin, you probably are a crypto enthusiast. Visit and register for free to get a trading account.

In 2021, El Salvador surprised the world when it became the first country to accept Bitcoin as a legal tender. And this encouraged some other countries to follow suit. Shortly after El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal tender, the Central African Republic (CAR) took a similar step. 

While Bitcoin is still not recognized as a legal tender in most countries, people can use it anyway. And this has enabled many small businesses to embrace Bitcoin and start accepting it as a means of payment. This article identifies some countries where small companies accept Bitcoin payments.

The United States

The US is among the countries with the most significant number of Bitcoin users. Although the government does not recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender, it still allows people and businesses to use cryptocurrency. According to some recent statistics, about 28% of small businesses in the US accept cryptocurrency payments, most of which are in Bitcoin.

With a growing number of small businesses accepting Bitcoin payments, you can use Bitcoin to pay for most ordinary things such as food, grocery, and even services like paying for car services in the garage.


Israel is also leading the way for small businesses accepting Bitcoin payments. The country has allowed Bitcoin use, which has opened up new opportunities for small business owners and consumers.

Tel Aviv only has over seven Bitcoin ATMs and nearly 20 merchants that accept Bitcoin payments. And this is just one of the cities in the country. Many small businesses in Israel, realizing the potential benefits of embracing Bitcoin payments, are taking actual steps towards it.


Many small businesses in Australia are already accepting Bitcoin payments. They include online retailers like Launtel, Zumi, BitShopping, UndieGuys, and eateries like Origin Kebabs. Crypto Coffee, Phoenix Rising Café, Nom Nom Korean, and PataNegraTapas. In the retail sectors, small businesses that accept Bitcoin in Australia include Jim’s Jerky, RealScope, and Power Supps. 

Overall, small businesses across all sectors are increasingly accepting Bitcoin payments in Australia. And this is good as it provides greater convenience to Bitcoin owners and users to pay in Bitcoin.

The United Kingdom 

In the UK, many small businesses are also accepting Bitcoin payments. The UK, like the US, Israel, and Australia, allows Bitcoin use. As such, it’s not illegal to use Bitcoin as a form of payment. Neither is it illegal to take Bitcoin as a payment method. And this has allowed small businesses to add Bitcoin to their payment options.

Like in many other countries, small businesses across all UK sectors accept Bitcoin payments. Some notable companies that accept Bitcoin include My Pashmina, Prestige Kent Cars, CheapAir, Bimble Solar, and The Seedbox Company.


Bitcoin is becoming more popular with more users, including small businesses. Countries that have provided an enabling environment by legalizing Bitcoin and its use are leading the way.

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